søndag den 16. oktober 2011

OOTD - Autumn in the forest

Hi guys,
Today was a really beautiful autumn Sunday so I decided to grab my camera (Canon EOS 400D) and go for a walk in the forest to look at (and capture) some autumn scenes. I really love this time a year (when it is not raining of course) the changing colours of the trees, the crispness in the air and of course the chance to get out the knits and scarves again ;-)

Here is some pictures of the autumn forest.

My teeny tiny blue flowery car in the forest "parking lot". Isn't it just cute in the sunlight? ;-)

I also managed to get some pictures of my outfit with the beautiful forest as a backdrop. I wore the grey sweater (also mentioned here), my favorite scarf and the Adidas sneakers I bought in Boston.

 Grey sweater - HM (straight line)//Black leggins - HM (BiB)//Nude scarf - Black Lily//Black and grey sneakers - Adidas//Grey Studded bag - Liebeskind Berlin

I know that a plus size girl in leggins and an oversize tunic or knit is kind of a klichee, the stereotypical fat girl, but I really don't care about fashion rules or being a klichee. I wil wear what I want and what I like, no matter if it is a micro mini skirt or leggins. I like the oversize trend and leggins are just so comfy for a sunday afternoon.

 Grey studded bag - Liebeskind Berlin//Nude scarf with grey and black trees - Black Lily

Black patent leather and grey leather sneakers - Adidas

- Karina

torsdag den 13. oktober 2011

OOTD - Knit and boots

Hi guys,

I am sorry for my bad blogging the post month or so. I have been really busy at work and everything else has suffered.

I was so chocked Monday morning by the sudden cold that hit my right in the face when I walked out my frontdoor. I really shouldn't be so suprised every year, especially this year where fall more or less started in the beginning of August! But I was... So this week I have been trying to adjust my wardrobe to the cold and this is one of the outfits I wore.

I lovely charcoal knit sweater/dress from H&M in a cotton/angora blend with cute pockets at the sides. So nice and cosy and easy to wear. Somebody might say that I plussize girls would need a belt to create a waist, but I really do not like belts much. I think they cut my figure in two and make me look strange and that would also ruin the oversize feel of this dress.

I also wore my new boots from Duoboots.com (I also mentioned them here). They are so beautiful. Soft, smooth leather with some very pretty details and the heel height is perfect for running around all day.

Charcoal sweater dress - HM (straight line) // Over knee boots - Duo boots // Necklace - Day, Birger et Mikkelsen // Tights - Evans

 Close up of ELVO Boots from Duo boots

Have you broken in your winter wardrobe as well?

- Karina