mandag den 29. august 2011

OOTD - Monday...

Hi guys,

I have had a really hard weekend... Totally my own fault, with far too much partying ;-) But still I am so busted today, sadly I cannot party as hard as 10 years ago, but that is a fact I always ignore until the hangovers hit me. Will I NEVER learn? Probably not! ;-)

Anyway, I was not that inspired this morning, so I went for casual and cosy. I think I rock tired! ;-) I am seriously greatfull for a little invention called make-up, it has saved me so many times!

 Cargo pants - H&M (BiB) // white T-shirt - H&M (main line) // Pink Cardigan - H&M (main line) // Snake print peeptoes - Zara // Earrings - Julie Sandlau

 Snake print shoes from Zara bought ages ago (last time animal prints was a musthave)

I did not realise that the entire outfit was from H&M, but there you go: good old H&M. You can always count on them to provide you with you wardrobe stables. I am though a little underwhelmed by their BiB collection, I think they are still (for the most part) stuck in a very dated image of the "big girl" with their cover-up tunics, big shirts and frumpy dresses and not as many fashion forward and fitted pieces as I would like. But once in a while they hit the mark and I would not want to live in a world without H&M. It is like Ikea, a love-hate relationship ;-)

Have a fantastic week!

- Karina

mandag den 22. august 2011

OOTD - Potoo

Hi guys,

I have spend a week offline in a nice summer house on the west coast of Denmark, nice and relaxing, though the weather was not that great.

But now I am back on the blog and at work (the next vacation seems so far away!). First day back at work I wore my new skirt (Potoo) from Carmakoma. I have looked at it all spring and summer and when they reduced the price even further, I had to get it! It is so cute and very comfy. And extra score: polkadots was all over the runways for A/W 11 so it will take me in to the new season as well.

Ruffle top - H&M // Potoo skirt - Carmakoma // Suede stud shoes - Skoringen (local store) // Charms bracelet - Story by Kranz & Ziegler

 Ruffle top - H&M // Potoo skirt - Carmakoma // Black puff sleve cardigan - H&M // Suede stud shoes - Skoringen (local store) // Charms bracelet - Story by Kranz & Ziegler
 Leather charms bracelet - Story by Kranz & Ziegler
 Cross double ring - Gina Tricot // Nailpolish - "Wicked" by Essie
Black suede stud heels from local Danish shoe store "Skoringen" (I got them on sale 75% off, I couldn't really resist, could I?! ;-))

- Karina

onsdag den 10. august 2011

OOTD - Grey again...

Hi guys,

The weather is so grey at the moment, so I decided to dress in grey as well (I tend to do that a lot lately).

I got the dress on sale the other day it is from Danish brand Gustav. They carry up to a size UK16/US14, so I guess this style was a little big and stretchy as well as that is two sizes smaller than I ususally wear.

I like the silk ruffles combined with the comfy jersey, casual but stylish and grey must be one of my absolute favorite colours at the moment.

I also wore my rings from Gina Tricot and my grey and black skull scarf to give the outfit a little more edge.

 Dress - Gustav @ Rebecca // Tights - // Scarf - Ebay // Shoes - Deichmann Shoes // rings - Gina Tricot

Close ups of details: Rings from Gina Tricot // Scarf - Ebay

Despite my no make up vacation policy, I really needed to feel a little fab today so I put on my usual make up and also a new red lipstick. I usually don't wear lipstick at all, I always feel like a little girl that are playing with mum's make up, but I have really envied all those fab red lipped bloggers out there so I decided to go for it. What do you think? Can I pull it off?

 Lipstick - Gosh "Lambada"

I took my new red lips shopping and even though I was just going to browse the fall collections and not spend any money, I ended up buying the "Mink" dress from Carmakoma. It was just too fabulous to not come home with me! It had my name all over it, I cannot resist a good puff sleeve ;-) And the fit was so great. It really accentuates all the right curves and gives you a proper hourglass figure. And it will look so good with the Sam Edelman shoe boots I rave about here ;-)

- Karina

lørdag den 6. august 2011

Get the look - Rock chick ballerina

Hi guys,

I would describe my style as "rock chick ballerina". Sometimes more ballerina than rock chick and sometimes more rock chick than ballerina, but I like to play with the mix of super feminine nude pieces and edgy, black rock'ish pieces.

I have put together two looks that I would very much like to wear this fall under the headline of rock chick ballerina. 

Black biker jacket - Dorothy Perkins // Studded shoe boots - Sam Edelman (I want these NOW!) // Black chiffon top - Dorothy Perkins // Ballerina skirt - H&M (straight line, but available up to size XL = 20-22 UK/18-20 US) // Guardian Angel Clutch with Gun - Vlieger & Vandam

Black biker jacket - Dorothy Perkins // Studded shoe boots - Sam Edelman // Sheer nude shirt with black print - H&M (straight line) // Black Skinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins // Guardian Angel Clutch with Gun - Vlieger & Vandam

I really want the Sam Edelman shoe boots and I can imagine wearing them with just about everything I own (or is that just something I tell myself to justify spending over 200 GBP on a pair of really unpractical shoes?) dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, everything! ;-) 

- Karina

tirsdag den 2. august 2011

OOTD - Vacation

Hi guys,

Here is yet another casual outfit and there will probably be a lot of those over the next couple of weeks as I have vacation and have decided to style down a little and wear little to no make-up.

 Skirt - DIY // Tee - H&M BiB // Leopard print hoodie - Evans // Flip flops - Havaianas // Key chain - Veri Vinci // Grey Clutch with suede tassel - Part Two

 Veri Vinci leather key chain with heart coin purse

 Close up of details on the tassel clutch

 Close up of the leopard printed Evans hoodie

Ice pink Havaianas and my crooked toes ;-)

And I am using the french braid/messy bun hairdo again. I have been styling my hair like this a lot lately. Practical but stylish - my favorite combination...

- Karina

mandag den 1. august 2011

Apple cheeks...

Hi guys,

I really like when other bloggers post baby pictures of themselves, so I thought I would show you a couple of mine as well.

The first one is a really nice brownish sepia picture and I must be around 9 months old in the picture. Notice the fashion forward combination of brown corduroy dungarees and the red/brown/white stribed tee. 

In the second picture I am about 5 years old and again very fashion forward with the green hat and a stribed tee.

Notice the apple cheeks in both pictures ;-) People always said I would grow out of them, but I never really did. I was a chubby baby a chubby kid and a chubby teenager. I have been bigger than the other kids as far back as I can remember and that was not a great feeling.

I went on my first diet when I was 6 or 7 and have been on a million diets since then. For me the journey to accept my body has been very long and I must admit that I do not think that I am completely there yet. I would really like to be as confident as many of the other bloggers in the plussize community, but somewhere deep inside me is still a little chubby girl that HATES being bigger than the other kids. I am struggling with that and I am determined to reach a point of total self acceptance some day.

This blog is one of the major steps towards me fully accepting my body. I am putting myself out there and hopefully through doing so, I will also come to accept myself.

How about you? Have you all embraced your curves 100%?

- Karina

OOTD - Super Casual

Hi guys,

Today was the first day in my vacation and I need to run a lot of errands that I have been postponing for some time. Like going to Ikea. I have a real love-hate relationship with that store! I love that it is there but I really DO not like all of the other people that have chosen the same time to visit as me and I do not like that half of what you need is not in stock when you get there.

Anyway, Ikea made me a bit sweaty, so I apologize for that showing a little in the pictures ;-)

I am wearing a super casual outfit, but really pratical for hauling furniture ;-)

White shirt - H&M (straight line) // Cargo pants - H&M (BiB) // Flip flops - Havaianas // Iphone pouch - Glitter (local store) // Earrings - Julie Sandlau

I like to get my hair out of the face when I run around like this and I think this combined french braid/messy bun is really cute and practical. I was inspired by Lillith Moon who does these amazing hair tutorials on youtube. You can see how to do this one below. She recommends curling you hair first, but I think it works fine with straight hair as well. 

- Karina