onsdag den 23. november 2011

Winter Florals

Hi guys,

This summer while I was all giddy and high on sunshine (or the idea of sunshine as the weather in Denmark was not that sunny) I wore a lot of bright colours and floral prints. I actually promised myself that, come winter, I would try and soften my usual all black winter wardrobe and get in some colours.

I am not sure that I am 100% able to follow through with my good intentions, but I will give it a try. So I went for an online browse with the aim of finding some pretty winter floral dresses (bearing my summer crush in mind), I ended up buying one, but wanted to show you the many options out there if you also need to inject your dark winter wardrobe with some pretty flowers.

Yellow/mustard flower dress - South @ Littlewoods

I have ordered this gorgeous mustardy/yellow dress with the orange, purple and red flowers. I think it is super cute and I can't wait to wear it. I plan to wear it with purple tights, my turqoise suede heels from ALDO and my new blue shimmering"Midnight Cami" nail polish from Essie, for a jewel tone colour blocking look.

 Blue tunic/dress with poppies - Monsoon

 Creme 70's dress - South @ Littlewoods

 Black and creme kimono style dress - Dorothy Perkins

 Black floral kimono style dress - Dorothy Perkins

 Navy blue floral dress - Asos Curve

Black and brown floral dress - H&M BiB (totally sold out online, but I managed to get one a month ago. And I have seen it in store several places as well)

- Karina

Party season - long sleeve dresses

Hi guys,

The party season is quickly approaching and it is time to find a dress (or several ;-)) to get you through all the December functions.

This year, I will go for a long sleeve party dress. I think long sleeves are perfect for this season, as I am always a little cold ;-) I also think that there is something really fabulous and luxurious about long sleeve party dresses, you are covered up, but still sexy. And although I do not mind showing my arms, many women would rather cover them up and so long sleeves are perfect.

I have found some examples for you below:

Champagne sequin dress - Dorothy Perkins

 White and silver beaded dress - Love Label @ Littlewoods

 White ruched dress with beaded details in the back - South @ Littlewoods

 Oyster velvet dress - Savior @ Littlewoods

Black chiffon dress with beaded cuffs - Asos Curve

Black lace dress - H&M BiB

- Karina

søndag den 20. november 2011

OOTD - I Love Copenhagen

Hi guys,

Yesterday my friend and I decided to NOT do what we usually do Saturday afternoon - go shooping ;-) We decided to take advantage of our beautiful city. First we visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket a very beautiful museum in the centre of Copenhagen to see the temporary exhibit "Gauguin - Polynesia". It is a very beautiful exhibit with some of the most important of Gauguin's works on loan from all over the world. If you are in Copenhagen, go have a look. The exhibit is full of beautiful colours and tells the story of Gauguin and his love for the Polynesian people and their nature.

Paul Gauguin.Three Tahitians. ©National Gallery of Scotland

While we where there anyway, we took a tour through the permanent collection of the French Impressionists. I really love the French Impressionists, they really had a lovely aestitic. Van Gogh, Pissaro, Czesanne, Monet, Latrec and Picasso. And my favorite: Degas with his beautiful ballerinas.

 Two Dancers (1890) - Edgar Degas

After the Museeum we decided to go through Tivoli on our way home. That was an idea everybody else in Copenhagen had as well! Tivoli is such a beautiful garden/amusement park in the middle of the city centre. At Christmas they fill it with lights and decorations and you can buy all kind of goddies.

 Images from Tivoli

Here is what I wore: 

 Grey Jersey jacket - Object by Vila // Black top - Ann Taylor Loft // Black leather and fur vest - Style Butler // waxed jeans - Ellos // grey and black sneakers - Adidas // Black fringe bag - Botkier // Necklace - Pilgrim // ring - H&M

 I bought the vest last year on sale. It was though still rather expensive but it is just so beautiful. It is lined with rabbit fur and the trim is racoon. On the back is a grey and silver leather inlay of a pair of angel wings (see close up further down in this post). It is a straight size item and it does not really close, but I like it better open anyway. I know it is not really PC, but I love fur... Real as well as fake.

Details of the back of the vest - silver angel wings.

I hope you had a great weekend as well. 

- Karina

fredag den 11. november 2011

OOTD - 11.11.11: My Birthday

Hi guys,

So today is my birthday. I am turning 33 (11+11+11 ;-)). My sister and I took the day off to spend some time together. We went to "pick up" my birthday present from her, you can see a little further down in this post what she got me.

I wore my new 2in1 dress (Alba) from Carmakoma. I got it yesterday together with the black tiered Champagne skirt. I got both from a local plussize store as a thank you because I walked in their AW 11 fashion show last month.

 Silver 2in1 tank top dress - Carmakoma // black leggins - H&M // black overknee boots - duoboots.com// black cardigan - H&M // black lace ring - H&M // star necklace - Pilgrim

I really think the silver dress is cute. It is casual but still pretty and shiny. And you can use the two tops as separates as well.  

 Long necklace in oxidized silver from Pilgrim with star charm. I like the fact that you can change the pendant if you want another look 

 Black lace ring from H&M.

And now back to the birthday present from my sister. Maybe you caught a glimpse on one of the pics above. I got a tattoo. Really big step for me (maybe it is an early mid-life crisis?! ;-)). It is my first tattoo. I have thought about getting one for years, but I could not decide on one that was right for me. 

But then the idea came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was looking through the blog: clamour4glamour.looklab.dk. The beautiful Camille has a number of tattoos on the wrist and they are so feminine an beautiful on her. So I decided that I wanted something similar on my wrist. I wanted to be able to show it off, but still to be able to easily cover it up with a watch or a bracelet when necessary for work.

I chose the swallow for a number of reasons. I love the story behind the old school swallow tattoos that symbolise a safe journey and always finding your way back home. And of course birds also represent freedom. I wanted an all black design to keep it simple. 

My sister got the same tattoo (as part of a larger design with her kids names). She is a tattoo pro, this was her 5th. I don't think I will get that many, because, no matter what people say; it DOES hurt like hell! ;-)

 - Karina

tirsdag den 8. november 2011

Back to the roots...

Hi guys,

So I decided to go back to the roots for a while... The hair roots that is ;-) Which means that I got my hair coloured in my dark blonde/redish natural hair colour. I am not at all sure that I like it, it went a bit darker than I had expected, so I will probably gradually get it blonder again. Or maybe I just need to get used to it. I have been bleaching my hair since I was 17, so I have not seen this colour in a long time ;-)

My colleague says it brings out my freckles in such a nice way, but I am still not sure myself. I will probably always be a blonde at heart ;-)
- Karina

OOTD - White Lace

Hi guys,

Here is an outfit I wore yesterday. It wore the cream lace top I got from HM.com last week.

 Cream lace top - H&M// Black waxed jeans - Ellos.dk// Black "biker" blazer - Ellos.dk//Red ballerinas - Pretty Ballerinas // Necklace - Pilgrim

 I Love the button details in the back.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I had to make them quite a bit lighter in my photo editor due to the poor lighting (at 7 in the morning).

- Karina

torsdag den 3. november 2011

Bad lighting, bad blogger...

Hi guys,

I have been a bad blogger lately, I know. I have actually been wearing a lot of great fall outfits, but I have been working a lot lately, meaning that I am never home or even outside in the daylight. I am off to work before the sun gets up and not home until at has gone down again, which is why there are no good pictures to show you. I am wearing a lot of black on black these days (in the winter my rock chick side beats my ballerina side ;-)) and that really does not come out well on pictures taken with artificial lights and flash, even when I try to clean them up and edit the colours.

Maybe that is a sign that I should try and wear some more colour! I have bought a few items lately in colours (or at least not black) that I hope you will see in OOTDs very soon. For now here are a sneak peak of a few of the items.

 Orange dress from Asos Curve (via Ebay). 

The colour looks very different in the two pics. In reality it is a very nice burnt orange. Very in line with falls coulour pallet. I am going to style it with my blue suede shoes for a nice contrast or with black tights and black boots for a day time look.

Creme lace top with buttons in the back from H&M.

I love this nude creamy colour. And I am going to wear this top with black jeans, blue jeans, skirts, you name it! It is so great when you buy something so versatile.