mandag den 27. februar 2012

New in...

Edit: Jeg er SÅ skuffet over Dorothy Perkins! Jeg modtog i dag denne virkelig fine jakke. Jeg prøver den og den er helt perfekt. Jeg tager den af igen og klipper mærkerne af og da jeg skal hænge den på bøjlen opdager jeg at der er to KÆMPE huller bagpå! Den er selvfølgelig udsolgt i min størrelse, så jeg kan ikke få en anden! Jeg er virkelig skuffet og bitter lige nu!

Edit: I am SO disappointed with Dorothy Perkins right now! Today I received this really nice jacket. I am trying on and it fits perfectly. I take it off, cut the tags and as I am hanging it on the hanger I discover two GIANT holes on the bag f the jacket! It is of course sold out in my size, so I cannot even get a replacement. I am really disappointed right now...

Hej med jer,

(English below)

Ja, første indlæg på dansk :-) De fleste af mine læsere er formentlig danskere, så nu har jeg besluttet at blogge på begge sprog :-)

I dag har jeg valgt et outfit som i SNART vil se mig i. Der er nemlig (igen) en ny ting på vej til mig ;-) Det er en meget fin bouclé biker jakke fra Dorothy Perkins. Som I måske husker fra dette indlæg var jeg ret vild med den skønne biker jakke fra Lab27 som Line havde på. Så eftersom der er meget lang tid til A/W12 og jeg lige faldt over en lignende sag, måtte jeg jo slå til.

Jeg har samlet et outfit som jeg ejer (eller i hvert fald lignende items), så dette kunne jeg meget vel iføre mig snarest.
For my Dansih readers, I have decided to blog in both Danish and English. 

Today I have chosen an outfit which you will see me in SOON. Because there is another new item on its way to me. It is a beautiful bouclé biker jacket from Dorothy Perkins. You might remember from this post  that I really loved the great biker jacket from Lab27 that Line was wearing. But as there is so long until A/W12 and I just happened to stumble upon a similar jacket, I had to get it. 

I have put together an outfit taht I already own (or similar items at least), so you might very well see me in the below very soon. 

 Navy Bouclé biker jacket - Dorothy Perkins
 Creme top - Dororthy Perkins

Dark blue wash skinny jeans - Dororthy Perkins

Stone Erin bag - Liebeskind Berlin 

 Nude wedge heels - New Look


lørdag den 25. februar 2012

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

New in...

Hi guys,

Do you know the feeling when you just MUST have something? That what was I felt when I saw these shoes ;-) Didn't really care if they are way to high for me or how unpractical they are that is just minor details I need to figure out later ;-)

Unfortunately I own quite a few pairs of shoes where the details did not actually work themselves out later and now they just stand there not being used. Oops. Hope that will not be the case with these beauties!

 Black patent leather shoes with plateau and chunky heels - Blink 
 Close up of the beautiful sculptural bow

 A very chunky and VERY high heel.

 Aren't the just so pretty!

- Karina

tirsdag den 21. februar 2012

OOTD - More snake print

Hi guys,

Have you noticed the animal theme in my latest outfit posts? ;-)

Here is another hint of animal, from yesterday.

The snake print jeans is from Dorothy Perkins. Very cute, but must admit that the quality is not all that great. And the fit is quite large. I do find Dorothy Perkins' sizes a little off at times.

The shoes you will probably recognize from here.

Snake print jeans (scroll down to last photo to see close-up) - Dorothy Perkins // Satin shirt - Gina Tricot // Jacket - Ellos // Shoes - Sam Edelman @ ASOS // Ring - H&M

Close-up of the snake print jeans.

- Karina

søndag den 19. februar 2012


Hi guys,

this is a little egocentric post for you ;-) I was playing around today with fake eyelashes (I need to get good at putting them on, as I just love what they can do for your eyes!) and I decided to shoot some self portraits while I was made up anyway. So brace yourselves for a whole lot of vain pictures of me.

 Hooded dress "Gull" - Carmakoma

 - Karina

fredag den 17. februar 2012

OOTD - Leather and snake print

Hi guys,

A casual Friday outfit from today. And my new bags arrived today as well!

I really love leather jackets in the winter I use them as indoor jackets and in the spring and summer as outterwear. This one is in olive green leather and really soft. The cut is cool and biker'ish but the colour softens the expression a bit. It is a straight size EU46 (UK18/US16) and I cannot zip it up, but I actually prefer that in jackets and blazers. It is a trick I believe I have stolen from Trinny and Susannah that you look slimmer if you buy your jacket a number too small. Don't use the trick on winter coats though! ;-)

 Olive leather jacket - Bruno Z // Black coated jeans (altered by me) - Ellos // Top - Message// Snake print scarf - Zara // Black biker boots with studs - Billi Bi // Earrings - Julie Sandlau

 Details of snake print scarf and the leather jacket

 Olive leather jacket - Bruno Z // Black coated jeans (altered by me) - Ellos // Top - Message// Snake print scarf - Zara // Black biker boots with studs - Billi Bi // Earrings - Julie Sandlau // Yellow bag - Liebeskind Berlin (via

 I really think the bag and the scarf takes this outfit from plain to interesting. The bag brightens every thing up and I can't wait to use it with just about anything in my spring wardrobe. I will be looking very smart on the go in my beige trench coat, the snake print scarf and the yellow bag.

The bag is really nice, soft leather. It is rough around the edges and the coloration of the leather is not perfect. But that is what I like about the Liebeskind bags. They have character and a real edge to them and the are made to be used, which only makes them more beautiful.

- Karina

torsdag den 16. februar 2012

OOTD - Grey Leopard

Hi guys,

I just wanted to do a quick outfit post for you with an outfit I wore the other day. Didn't wear it for something speciel, just for going to work :-)

Smart casual with a hint of animal print ;-)

 Grey leopard skirt - Love Label @ littlewoods // drape top - H&M // blazer - Ellos (onestopplus Scandinavia) // Overknee "Elvo" boots - // Necklace - Pilgrim


Have you noticed, by the way that Rikke and I have, totally by accident, posted very similar themed outfits this week?! First black and nude Friday outfits (here and here), then sparkles from Saturday night (here and here) and now black and grey with prints in this post and here. Have I met my blogging doubleganger!?


tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, me!

Hi guys,

Ok, I am maybe using V-day as a really poor excuse to feed my shopping addiction, because Valentine's is really not a big deal in Denmark. Nevertheless I needed to buy something for myself, as nobody else did! That sounds totally fair, right?

I also maybe went a little overboard, but I never have been very good at making important shopping decisions and therefore I am living by the motto: "When in doubt; buy both!". Unless your bank would really, really disapprove of course. I am not that irresponsible! ;-)

And so I did. Buy to new bags for spring. I probably have told you about a great discovery I did last spring: Liebeskind Berlin. They make really beautiful, casual bags with cute twists or details or quite plain but in an amazing quality. The leather is so soft and lovely. In my opinion the quality is up there with Mulberry, but Liebeskind is much more affordable.

I already own one, which I am sporting here. Soon I will own: three. Yes, that is right, two new bags are on their way to me. Happy Valentine's day, me! ;-)

Erin Tote in the colour: Stone // Liebeskind Berlin

I really have been looking for a nice nude/light bag for ages, but I also tend to go for the more practical ones like dark grey or black. This will be very nice for spring as an accent to colourful outfits. 

Yellow Fonda Tote // Liebeskind Berlin

You know I have been rambling on and on about the yellow bag from Decadent, right? I went to have a look at it and although it is really beautiful and very Birkin bag'ish, I know I will get tired of the fact that it cannot be worn on the shoulder or a cross the body. It is not practical when you are hauling loads of shopping bags as well! ;-) But I knew that I couldn't live with out a yellow bag ad so I found this great alternative. All the Liebeskind totes can be worn hand held, over the shoulder or a cross the body. And of course: I got two Liebeskind bags for the price of one Decadent :-)

Hope you all had/have a wonderful Valentine's day, don't forget to pamper yourself, especially if nobody else does. 

- Karina

OOTD - Saturday night dinner

Hi guys,

This is an outfit I wore out to dinner on Saturday. I didn't really want to go all out to this fairly casual dinner, but a little sparkle is never bad, right? ;-) 

Striped cardigan - Debenhams // Silver skirt - H&M // Black top - H&M // Orange/Grey/Navy shoes - By Malene Birger // Silver Clutch - Accessorize

I immediately fell in love with this skirt when I saw it in my local H&M. The biggest size in stores is a Large (EU 44-46/UK 16-18/US 14-18) but sometimes I manage to squeeze into it anyway. On the H&M website though, this skirt is available up to an XL (EU 48-50/UK 20-22/ US 18-20) Shame on you H&M for not carrying XL in the stores.

I knew I wanted to pair it with a knit, preferably an oversize loosefitting knit, but I actually do not own such a sweater and so "settled" for my striped Debenhams cardi from last winter. I think it turned out quite well with the sparkly buttons and the shimmer stripes that picks up the silver of the skirt. And of course the orange in the shoes that complements the orange stripes in the cardi as well. The yellow dream bag of the moment would have been the icing on the cake! Most go buy it! ;-)

 Details of the striped cardigan and the "jewel" buttons

 Close-up of the skirt. The material is very nice and quite stretchy and this model is fairly generous as well.

 - Karina

søndag den 12. februar 2012

OOTD - From day to evening

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you an outfit I wore on Friday. Often on Fridays you go out after work and don't have time (read: do not want to spend valuable cocktail time) to go home and change. Therefore I usually wear something that can go from day to evening easily (should the Friday drinks evolve into an all night bash).

I was wearing a couple new favourites among others the fantastic Rosie skirt from Carmakoma. It is such a great wardrobe stable! It transforms easily from day to night and it stays in shape all day (and all night) because of the jersey fabric. Also the stiching in the front creates a diversion away from your tummy area.

The office look:

Rosie skirt - Carmakoma // Nude jersey and pleather jacket from H&M (straight size L) // Black lace top - Vero Moda // Black overknee Elvo boots - // Nude/black/grey scarf - Black Lilly
 To convert this outfit into evening, I would turn up the volume a little on the make-up and the accessories (rings, earings, necklace, bracelet) and then just take off the jacket and scarf.

After work look:

Rosie skirt - Carmakoma // Black lace top - Vero Moda // Black overknee Elvo boots - // Ring - H&M // Necklace - Pilgrim

- Karina