søndag den 29. januar 2012

My colourful home

Hi guys,

I thought I would show you a few pictures of my apartment and how I have decorated. As much as I like black, grey and muted tones in my wardrobe I really LOVE surrounding myself with a lot of colours in my home. I want it to be fun and colourful, I want beautiful things with a hint of homour that makes me smile even in the cold dark months.

I live en a beautiful old apartment building with crown moldings and light hard wood floors. I moved in just over 2 years ago. 

Dinning room:

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will have noticed the flowery wall where I do my outfit posts. It belongs in my dinning room. A fun bright place loving know as "the garden room". Bet you can guess why ;-) I love the bright combination of green and pink. Such a happy place.

This is the view from the living room through the french doors (which I have removed to make the space more open). 
Living room: 
Here is a couple of details from the living room. As you can see the bright colours is repeated all over the house :-)

 Corner with a fun clock and a cute little cupboard. 

 Blue Buddha lamp (I have a thing for buddhas)

 Homemade art in bright colours (hanging over my sofa)

 My family wall

 A corner with a morroccan tray table with colourful tealight candleholders
 and a lamp made out of shells

 Close up of the moroccan tray table

My bedroom is dominated by a giant wardrobe (what else??? ;-)) You can just see the corner in the mirror. Otherwise I have keept the bedroom girly and romantic and it is the place with the least colours. Although I did manage to get a little pink in here and there.

 Full length mirror (a MUSTHAVE!) and an old chair I have pimped with silver paint and pink velvet fabric.

Silver accents and the Virgin Mary

Another Mary ;-) The beautiful Marilyn Monroe hangs over my bed to remind me that curves are beautiful. 

 - Karina

5 kommentarer:

  1. Når jeg bliver voksen vil jeg bo som dig. Du får ALDRIG lov til at komme hjem til mig nu... damn.

  2. Ha, ha, Rikke, jeg har skam i vældig mange år indrettet med ting fra mit teenageværelse ;-) Synes bare i en alder af nogenogtredive at jeg måtte til at blive (semi)voksen :-D

  3. Hvor bor du fedt! Det kan godt være jeg skal se at få gjort rent og få taget et par billeder ;-)

  4. Could i ask were you bought that blue buddha head? A store in Copenhagen? It's gorgeous.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, I got it in a store in Copenhagen a couple of years ago. It is called NOVA (http://www.novamobler.dk/index.php) you can also find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nova-M%C3%B8bler/136749563041057. If you are not near Copenhagen, I have also seen them once in a while on ebay (mosaic buddha lamp).