onsdag den 21. december 2011

Someone like you...

Hi guys,

Oh, how long it has been! I have really been in a blogging slump the past month or so. I am not really agreeing with December this year and have a hard time finding the Christmas spirit.

I spend most of my waking hours at work and the few remaining hours on my couch avoiding all things Christmas. I hope that Christmas break starting on Friday will get me into the spirit ;-)

Anyway, this post I wanted to dedicate to Adele. How cool, talented and beautiful is she!? I normally listen mostly to rock, but her voice has really caught my ear, so raw and beautiful.  And her lyrics really speaks to me. Who hasn't expirienced heartbreak like that...?

And I love her curves. So nice to see curves in the media!

Words to live by! 

On the cover of Rolling Stone! Go Adele! :-)

Someone like you, a track I am listening a lot to at the moment. 

- Karina

3 kommentarer:

  1. I absolutely love your blog.

  2. Hi Karina
    Love the song, LOVE her! :)
    I too have a plus size blog ;)
    take a look its danish:)