tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, me!

Hi guys,

Ok, I am maybe using V-day as a really poor excuse to feed my shopping addiction, because Valentine's is really not a big deal in Denmark. Nevertheless I needed to buy something for myself, as nobody else did! That sounds totally fair, right?

I also maybe went a little overboard, but I never have been very good at making important shopping decisions and therefore I am living by the motto: "When in doubt; buy both!". Unless your bank would really, really disapprove of course. I am not that irresponsible! ;-)

And so I did. Buy to new bags for spring. I probably have told you about a great discovery I did last spring: Liebeskind Berlin. They make really beautiful, casual bags with cute twists or details or quite plain but in an amazing quality. The leather is so soft and lovely. In my opinion the quality is up there with Mulberry, but Liebeskind is much more affordable.

I already own one, which I am sporting here. Soon I will own: three. Yes, that is right, two new bags are on their way to me. Happy Valentine's day, me! ;-)

Erin Tote in the colour: Stone // Liebeskind Berlin

I really have been looking for a nice nude/light bag for ages, but I also tend to go for the more practical ones like dark grey or black. This will be very nice for spring as an accent to colourful outfits. 

Yellow Fonda Tote // Liebeskind Berlin

You know I have been rambling on and on about the yellow bag from Decadent, right? I went to have a look at it and although it is really beautiful and very Birkin bag'ish, I know I will get tired of the fact that it cannot be worn on the shoulder or a cross the body. It is not practical when you are hauling loads of shopping bags as well! ;-) But I knew that I couldn't live with out a yellow bag ad so I found this great alternative. All the Liebeskind totes can be worn hand held, over the shoulder or a cross the body. And of course: I got two Liebeskind bags for the price of one Decadent :-)

Hope you all had/have a wonderful Valentine's day, don't forget to pamper yourself, especially if nobody else does. 

- Karina

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  1. Jeg elsker den første taske!
    Den måtte gerne indfinde sig her hos mig!