torsdag den 23. februar 2012

New in...

Hi guys,

Do you know the feeling when you just MUST have something? That what was I felt when I saw these shoes ;-) Didn't really care if they are way to high for me or how unpractical they are that is just minor details I need to figure out later ;-)

Unfortunately I own quite a few pairs of shoes where the details did not actually work themselves out later and now they just stand there not being used. Oops. Hope that will not be the case with these beauties!

 Black patent leather shoes with plateau and chunky heels - Blink 
 Close up of the beautiful sculptural bow

 A very chunky and VERY high heel.

 Aren't the just so pretty!

- Karina

4 kommentarer:

  1. Have you ever worn these? Are they comfortable?

  2. No, I actually never ended up wearing them. I took them on a couple of times, but kept deciding against them in the end. They are REALLY high. And I found the plateau/heel combination too unsecure, I was so afraid to loose my grip an fall.


  3. Hi Karina...I love these shoes, I just saw them on and I'm thinkink to buy them for my wedding :)
    ..but, I had bad experience with shoes sizes from asos so I wonder- are they fit the right size???
    Thank you!!!!

  4. Hi :-) I am usually a size 40 and these were a perfect fit. So I would say regular in size :-)

    Good luck and congrats on the wedding!