tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

OOTD - Saturday night dinner

Hi guys,

This is an outfit I wore out to dinner on Saturday. I didn't really want to go all out to this fairly casual dinner, but a little sparkle is never bad, right? ;-) 

Striped cardigan - Debenhams // Silver skirt - H&M // Black top - H&M // Orange/Grey/Navy shoes - By Malene Birger // Silver Clutch - Accessorize

I immediately fell in love with this skirt when I saw it in my local H&M. The biggest size in stores is a Large (EU 44-46/UK 16-18/US 14-18) but sometimes I manage to squeeze into it anyway. On the H&M website though, this skirt is available up to an XL (EU 48-50/UK 20-22/ US 18-20) Shame on you H&M for not carrying XL in the stores.

I knew I wanted to pair it with a knit, preferably an oversize loosefitting knit, but I actually do not own such a sweater and so "settled" for my striped Debenhams cardi from last winter. I think it turned out quite well with the sparkly buttons and the shimmer stripes that picks up the silver of the skirt. And of course the orange in the shoes that complements the orange stripes in the cardi as well. The yellow dream bag of the moment would have been the icing on the cake! Most go buy it! ;-)

 Details of the striped cardigan and the "jewel" buttons

 Close-up of the skirt. The material is very nice and quite stretchy and this model is fairly generous as well.

 - Karina

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  1. Og så simultanblogger vi lige glimmer... fra i lørdags! Hahaha ;-) Er vild med den nederdel altså!!!

  2. Ha, ha, ja, det er måske en smule skummelt efterhånden at vi er SÅ koordinerede! ;-)