mandag den 1. august 2011

OOTD - Super Casual

Hi guys,

Today was the first day in my vacation and I need to run a lot of errands that I have been postponing for some time. Like going to Ikea. I have a real love-hate relationship with that store! I love that it is there but I really DO not like all of the other people that have chosen the same time to visit as me and I do not like that half of what you need is not in stock when you get there.

Anyway, Ikea made me a bit sweaty, so I apologize for that showing a little in the pictures ;-)

I am wearing a super casual outfit, but really pratical for hauling furniture ;-)

White shirt - H&M (straight line) // Cargo pants - H&M (BiB) // Flip flops - Havaianas // Iphone pouch - Glitter (local store) // Earrings - Julie Sandlau

I like to get my hair out of the face when I run around like this and I think this combined french braid/messy bun is really cute and practical. I was inspired by Lillith Moon who does these amazing hair tutorials on youtube. You can see how to do this one below. She recommends curling you hair first, but I think it works fine with straight hair as well. 

- Karina

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