mandag den 29. august 2011

OOTD - Monday...

Hi guys,

I have had a really hard weekend... Totally my own fault, with far too much partying ;-) But still I am so busted today, sadly I cannot party as hard as 10 years ago, but that is a fact I always ignore until the hangovers hit me. Will I NEVER learn? Probably not! ;-)

Anyway, I was not that inspired this morning, so I went for casual and cosy. I think I rock tired! ;-) I am seriously greatfull for a little invention called make-up, it has saved me so many times!

 Cargo pants - H&M (BiB) // white T-shirt - H&M (main line) // Pink Cardigan - H&M (main line) // Snake print peeptoes - Zara // Earrings - Julie Sandlau

 Snake print shoes from Zara bought ages ago (last time animal prints was a musthave)

I did not realise that the entire outfit was from H&M, but there you go: good old H&M. You can always count on them to provide you with you wardrobe stables. I am though a little underwhelmed by their BiB collection, I think they are still (for the most part) stuck in a very dated image of the "big girl" with their cover-up tunics, big shirts and frumpy dresses and not as many fashion forward and fitted pieces as I would like. But once in a while they hit the mark and I would not want to live in a world without H&M. It is like Ikea, a love-hate relationship ;-)

Have a fantastic week!

- Karina

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  1. Iih, et super fint outfit :-)

    (a plus size blog)