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OOTD - I Love Copenhagen

Hi guys,

Yesterday my friend and I decided to NOT do what we usually do Saturday afternoon - go shooping ;-) We decided to take advantage of our beautiful city. First we visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket a very beautiful museum in the centre of Copenhagen to see the temporary exhibit "Gauguin - Polynesia". It is a very beautiful exhibit with some of the most important of Gauguin's works on loan from all over the world. If you are in Copenhagen, go have a look. The exhibit is full of beautiful colours and tells the story of Gauguin and his love for the Polynesian people and their nature.

Paul Gauguin.Three Tahitians. ©National Gallery of Scotland

While we where there anyway, we took a tour through the permanent collection of the French Impressionists. I really love the French Impressionists, they really had a lovely aestitic. Van Gogh, Pissaro, Czesanne, Monet, Latrec and Picasso. And my favorite: Degas with his beautiful ballerinas.

 Two Dancers (1890) - Edgar Degas

After the Museeum we decided to go through Tivoli on our way home. That was an idea everybody else in Copenhagen had as well! Tivoli is such a beautiful garden/amusement park in the middle of the city centre. At Christmas they fill it with lights and decorations and you can buy all kind of goddies.

 Images from Tivoli

Here is what I wore: 

 Grey Jersey jacket - Object by Vila // Black top - Ann Taylor Loft // Black leather and fur vest - Style Butler // waxed jeans - Ellos // grey and black sneakers - Adidas // Black fringe bag - Botkier // Necklace - Pilgrim // ring - H&M

 I bought the vest last year on sale. It was though still rather expensive but it is just so beautiful. It is lined with rabbit fur and the trim is racoon. On the back is a grey and silver leather inlay of a pair of angel wings (see close up further down in this post). It is a straight size item and it does not really close, but I like it better open anyway. I know it is not really PC, but I love fur... Real as well as fake.

Details of the back of the vest - silver angel wings.

I hope you had a great weekend as well. 

- Karina

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