torsdag den 3. november 2011

Bad lighting, bad blogger...

Hi guys,

I have been a bad blogger lately, I know. I have actually been wearing a lot of great fall outfits, but I have been working a lot lately, meaning that I am never home or even outside in the daylight. I am off to work before the sun gets up and not home until at has gone down again, which is why there are no good pictures to show you. I am wearing a lot of black on black these days (in the winter my rock chick side beats my ballerina side ;-)) and that really does not come out well on pictures taken with artificial lights and flash, even when I try to clean them up and edit the colours.

Maybe that is a sign that I should try and wear some more colour! I have bought a few items lately in colours (or at least not black) that I hope you will see in OOTDs very soon. For now here are a sneak peak of a few of the items.

 Orange dress from Asos Curve (via Ebay). 

The colour looks very different in the two pics. In reality it is a very nice burnt orange. Very in line with falls coulour pallet. I am going to style it with my blue suede shoes for a nice contrast or with black tights and black boots for a day time look.

Creme lace top with buttons in the back from H&M.

I love this nude creamy colour. And I am going to wear this top with black jeans, blue jeans, skirts, you name it! It is so great when you buy something so versatile. 


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