fredag den 11. november 2011

OOTD - 11.11.11: My Birthday

Hi guys,

So today is my birthday. I am turning 33 (11+11+11 ;-)). My sister and I took the day off to spend some time together. We went to "pick up" my birthday present from her, you can see a little further down in this post what she got me.

I wore my new 2in1 dress (Alba) from Carmakoma. I got it yesterday together with the black tiered Champagne skirt. I got both from a local plussize store as a thank you because I walked in their AW 11 fashion show last month.

 Silver 2in1 tank top dress - Carmakoma // black leggins - H&M // black overknee boots - black cardigan - H&M // black lace ring - H&M // star necklace - Pilgrim

I really think the silver dress is cute. It is casual but still pretty and shiny. And you can use the two tops as separates as well.  

 Long necklace in oxidized silver from Pilgrim with star charm. I like the fact that you can change the pendant if you want another look 

 Black lace ring from H&M.

And now back to the birthday present from my sister. Maybe you caught a glimpse on one of the pics above. I got a tattoo. Really big step for me (maybe it is an early mid-life crisis?! ;-)). It is my first tattoo. I have thought about getting one for years, but I could not decide on one that was right for me. 

But then the idea came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was looking through the blog: The beautiful Camille has a number of tattoos on the wrist and they are so feminine an beautiful on her. So I decided that I wanted something similar on my wrist. I wanted to be able to show it off, but still to be able to easily cover it up with a watch or a bracelet when necessary for work.

I chose the swallow for a number of reasons. I love the story behind the old school swallow tattoos that symbolise a safe journey and always finding your way back home. And of course birds also represent freedom. I wanted an all black design to keep it simple. 

My sister got the same tattoo (as part of a larger design with her kids names). She is a tattoo pro, this was her 5th. I don't think I will get that many, because, no matter what people say; it DOES hurt like hell! ;-)

 - Karina

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