onsdag den 14. september 2011

Favorite Designers - Rick Owens

Hi guys,

My favorite designers are unfortunately only designing to the straight size girls, which I think is such a pity, as their designes would look fab on curves as well ;-)

Rick Owens is the king of leather (I LOVE leather! But really HATE the fact that not more leather pieces are available in plussize!) and I adore his draped dark shapes, so casual but yet so structured , cool and edgy, so perfect. Here is a couple of pieces I would love to own:

Rick Owens Gathered Nappa Long Sleeve Top (price app. 2000 USD)

Rick Owens Leather Jacket (app. price: 3000 USD)

A good thing that I am not skinny, because I would HAVE to own pieces like this! Have you ever heard the expression "being house-poor"? I would totally be "clothes-poor"!

Rick Owens newest line is DRKSHDW a denim collection that features the same draped asymmetrical shapes. The line features hoodies, jersey tops, dresses and skirts besides the denim. Here is  my favorite DRKSHDW piece:

 Rick Owens DRKSHDW wrap hoodie (app. 500 USD)

I am seriously in love with this hoodie and it is much more in my price AND size range than the other pieces. This hoodie goes up to a size XXL (US16/UK18) so with the oversize cut, I should be able to fit in to it. But maybe 500 USD is still a little much for a hoodie ;-)

- Karina

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