lørdag den 17. september 2011

The key to wearing all black

Hi guys,

So I am wearing a lot of black. Not because black is slimming, because I do not really believe in the old "fatshion" advices of wearing black all the time and choose pieces that covers you up totally. No, I just love the rock chick look.

I thought I would share my favorite tips on wearing black with you. I gues it is not exactly rocket science and I am sure I am not the first person saying this, but the number one tip to wearing all black is: texture. Mix a lot of different textures to give your all black look more depth and to keep it interesting.

To illustrate this point I have collected some of my favorite black pieces:

Pleated leather jacket with crochet ribbons - Object by Vila // Long sleve lace top - Vero Moda // Suede and fur gillet - Style Butler // Waxed jeans - Ellos (costumized by me)

The leather jacket and the gillet are not new. The jacket is at least 3 years old and the gillet I picked up during the January sale earlier this year. It is really cute and has a silver/grey embroidery of angel wings on the back. You will surely see me in that when it is a little colder. The lace top I picked up yesterday. It is a straight size XL, so a little short for me, but the puff sleeves and the lace are so adorable that I will need to make it work.

Another tip to wearing all black is to choose tailored, fitted pieces. In my opnion a big mass of loose black fabric covering you up, only makes you look bigger.

- Karina

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